Elliot Teskey Photography

"Moments of Reflection Fine Art Photography"

My Work

 Photography has been a passion of mine for over sixty years.

From the days of the dark room and view cameras, to the digital age, the learning curve and artistic license to produce a beautiful print, has always been my top priority.

  For many years our business consisted of selling large framed and matted landscapes and nature photography.  In the last few years I have enjoyed the transition to working with people, and doing wedding and portrait work, as well as selling our landscape prints.The income we generate from this, goes directly for mission work.

Dorothea Lange once said....  "One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you'd be stricken blind".


I was inspired to pursue photography as a young boy, through the encouragement of my father, and his love for the outdoors. Over the years it has become a passion, that has enriched my life immensely.

The ability to capture a brief moment of time, or a fleeting scene of beauty, provides a creative and artistic outlet that is very rewarding.

The created world is God's masterpiece.  I am blessed to enjoy it, see it through the lens of a camera, and edit and print it. I take pleasure in knowing that the finished product will be enjoyed on a wall, or in a photo book as a lasting memory of God's handiwork.

Today, my wife Joyce and I, are excited to be involved with mission work, here and abroad. On a recent medical mission trip to Peru we were privileged to minister to, and meet some of the many needs of 1200 people.  To serve in this way, and to be able to use my photographic skills is truly a blessing.